Drawing in Progress: Boktai

A little while ago I looked through my old GBA games and started playing Boktai: Solar Boy Django again. For those who don’t know the game (I’m not actually sure how well-known it was!) it’s a stealth-action game where you use the power of the sun against the undead. The cool thing about the game however, is that the game cartridge has a solar cell on it that measured the intensity of the sun, which directly affects an energy bar in-game. The sun is basically your ammunition, getting players to play games outside!

Boktai cartridge

Anyways, so I started playing this game again and I remembered how much I loved it. I also noticed how well it holds up today with its stealth mechanics. I decided I’d start a drawing of the main character Django in my own style. I also thought it would be cool to imitate the original Doom game cover, so Django is in a similar pose.

Doom cover

I am also planning on redrawing the Boktai logo in the Doom style of lettering.

See below for some sketches:

Stay tuned for more updates as they happen.

(Image credits: Boktai cartridge and Doom cover and their respective copyrights)