I’d like to present to you: Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad. I recently watched this show from start to end and it was fantastic! As many of you know, they won a number of Emmys recently and I believe they completely deserved it.

In light of this amazing show, I’ve created this portrait of Gustavo Fring, owner of Los Pollos Hermanos and drug lord. He is a Chilean national, who spent some time in Mexico to get his foot in the door of the methamphetamine drug trade. Later, he founds and builds up a fast-food chain – Los Pollos Hermanos – which he uses as a curtain for his drug business.

As he spent time in Mexico and has daily contact with Mexicans, I drew the left side of this portrait in a stylised form of Mexican Day of the Dead skulls. It is also a reference to a certain episode of a certain season, which I will let you figure out so as to avoid spoilers ;)

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gustavo-mens gustavo-womens

Some progress shots:

gustavo-sketch gustavo-2