The Possession of Silver by Corey Leigh

I’m so proud to announce that my friend Corey Leigh has written a book that I’m sure you will love! The Possession of Silver is a young adult book full of pirates, treasure and a mysterious island:

Silver and his crew have stumbled upon an island, frozen in time. It’s an island littered with many a brave or foolish treasure hunter. It’s the kind of island that spooks a pirate, but certainly not Silver. He’s out for riches and nothing is going to stop him, not mutinous pirates, snooty girls, possessive captains, or ghostly apparitions.
But Silver will need all his bravado to reach the treasure and to uncover the secrets of the island and he’ll have to decide, is the treasure worth his life?

I’ve had the privilige to read a few previous versions of it as a proof reader and I can positively say it’s awesome. It would be so great if you would consider spending the mere $3.99 for this piece of art and give it a try!

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