Hi everyone! If you’ve seen my website before, you might notice it has changed a lot!

My previous site was built on WordPress, adapted from an existing theme. However, I was never entirely happy with it, plus WordPress is a bit bloaty. Aside from that, I felt a refresh in design was due as well!

So, I’ve decided to go with Jekyll! It’s basically a CMS for developers, but without the conventional CMS. It works with a Ruby gem installed on your local machine (or server if you have access to it via ssh) and you upload the files it generates via FTP.

It gives you much more freedom as a developer to tweak your site and add and update templates, all without a slow, bulky CMS. It’s great!

On that note, though, I’ve had to export all my previous posts from WordPress and convert them to Markdown format. The brunt of the work was done via a plugin, but most posts still need some cleaning up. So, for now this blog will be a little empty, but I will start adding them back in over the next little while.

For the time being, you can see most of my portfolio on my Behance page.

New features, projects and more will all be posted here so keep an eye out :)

Thanks for reading!